What Was Australia’s Stolen Generation?

Outer space, including the Moon and other celestial bodies, is not subject to national appropriation by claim of sovereignty, by means of use or occupation, or by any other means. The 1984 Agreement Governing the Activities of States on the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies, aka the Moon Agreement, came about because the language in the Outer Space Treaty that dealt with private ownership needed to be locked down. Scholars have already ginned up several theories on how to bridge the gap, drawing upon analogs in similarly fuzzy areas of international law, such as those governing patents, the continental shelves, civil law, salvage and the sea. The short answer is no. International law and treaties governing space (that’s right — we actually have space treaties) consider celestial objects the “common heritage of mankind.” They argue that space should benefit everyone, and that all peoples should share free access to celestial bodies. Derogation means the partial repeal or diminishment of a law. Current international space law throws roadblocks in the path to such private progress, but they’re nothing that an international consortium of shrewd tycoons (and a few truckloads of lawyers) couldn’t bypass or bulldoze under. To prove it, let’s examine one study that tells us a few different things about how much fish in general can remember.

Across the cosmos, the accretion disks of young suns churn out new land all the time — if you can wait a few billion years for it to finish baking. In other words, before Century 22 can start staking out lunar housing developments or AstroMining Ltd. How do I start my own country? Space entrepreneur Robert Bigelow claims China has designs on a “solar system monopoly,” starting with the moon. Swiss cheese, nations must establish a system for assigning and managing mineral rights, spectrum rights, rights-of-way, orbital slots, intellectual property and title deeds — ideally, in cooperation with the international community. Unless a more formal international recognition comes about, we wouldn’t trust those deeds as far as we could throw them — even under the moon’s weaker gravity. Antwerp even has special police patrolling the diamond center. They’re in offices, outside grocery stores, inside hospitals and libraries, and even in grade schools.

Hope is not alone in his celestial claims. Half of those links will land you on a page by or about Dennis Hope, an American impresario who claims legal ownership of the moon and most of the rest of the solar system. It’s a sort of value system that the international community invokes when it needs to bring parties to justice for slavery or piracy, or to force a national leader to stand trial for genocide. The device consists of a low-powered X-ray generator and an optics system. But by being nice to your friends and choosing to leave humiliating pictures offline to begin with, you’ll keep a lot more friends and spare yourself from any acts of online (or perhaps offline) vengeance. All parties must preserve it for future generations, keep their activities transparent, avoid getting in each other’s way, warn each other about hazards (such as gun-toting space macaques), offer refuge and aid as needed, and report any resource they might stumble across. Granted, its runaway greenhouse effect and lead-melting surface temperatures might be a bit blistering for non-Floridians, but at least there are no mosquitoes.

It remains to be seen if the British ban will have any effect on the rest of the world. There are no fact checkers in the world of social networks, so there’s really no way to know if that high school classmate you remember is really a successful business owner now, or is holed up in a dark basement, stroking a Persian cat in his underwear. His good friend and occasional business advisor, Warren Buffett, is the world’s third richest man, believed to have a fortune of around $52 billion. Redmond, who’d become known as the woman with the world’s longest fingernails, broke all 10 in the crash. Using sound waves, scientists created a new map of the world’s deepest trench. A community of expatriates formed in Paris, and in looking at America from a distance, these writers created a new literary culture that captured the futile spirit of the times.

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